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i use linux for all my audio production, i've tried the linux demo before and liked it, but no lv2 plugin support was a deal breaker for me.

bitwig2 looks like a big improvement to an already fine product but there is nothing in the info about it that mentions supported plugin formats except for vst3. the plugin support for bitwig1 stated that lv2 support was on the horizon but not in version 1.

so, my question is will lv2 finally be supported in version 2?

if the answer was yes i would buy bitwig now without hesitation. even if the answer was that it was not in 2.0 but will definately be implemented in a later 2.x release i would be tempted to buy.


an answer to this from someone at bitiwg would be really great.

  — (Jan 18 '17 at 02:37) _anko_

You can try using carla-vst to "bridge" lv2 plugins on Linux. I tried that with moderate success, but certain advanced GUI stuff was not working. I'm waiting for proper lv2 support too, meanwhile running BWS on Mac/Win.


answered Jan 22 '17 at 06:54 by paladomia (31)

I interested too, I not bought version 1 because of the fact that there was no support for LV2


answered Jan 18 '17 at 23:48 by ShvonderSiN (31)

I don't see any reason to buy a version for Linux if the program does not support lv2


answered Jan 24 '17 at 11:24 by ShvonderSiN (31)

Any news on this? I will upgrade if lv2 is supported in bitwig 2.


answered Mar 01 '17 at 15:49 by headless (11)

I think the same applies to LV2 as to AudioUnits. Bitwig focuses on VST because the VST format is supported on all platforms.


answered Mar 06 '17 at 12:37 by kelytha (21)

There are plenty of high quality plugins written exclusively as LV2. On Mac side, there aren't many AU plugins that don't ship with VST version, but on Linux the LV2 is a newer and 'greater' plugin format that's used exclusively eg. by Calf Studio Gear shipping high quality Linux only plugins.


answered Mar 06 '17 at 13:06 by paladomia (31)

I would be great to hear from bitwig on the plans for LV2 support.

Perhaps if they updated the answer on the FAQ to say at least "Not in version 2" or "Planned for later inclusion in version 2".


answered Jul 04 '17 at 14:25 by RelativePrime (44)

Ping! I'd love to plug-in Pianoteq.


answered Nov 22 '19 at 14:23 by mindanao (72)

I have pianoteq6.... it works flawlessly.... as VST plugin... Fabrizio

  — (Nov 22 '19 at 15:26) fsciarra62

I am sure Pianoteq makes a great VST on your platform. This thread is about LV2 (and Linux, although not explicitly mentioned in the subject).

  — (Nov 23 '19 at 01:32) mindanao

Ehm... I use only Linux... I wouldn't answer you otherwise... And Pianoteq works well with Bitwig as VST. That was to help you. If you are not interested, OK. For your info as a musician, I have all U-He synths and most effects as VST and they work very well too. And all Overtone plugins. And discoDSP discovery pro, vertigo and Bliss. I would like to have LV2 supported, All my HarrisonConsoles plugins works just right in Carla... But I cannot modulate their parameters using Bitwig modulators, alas. Best regards, Fabrizio

  — (Nov 23 '19 at 14:22) fsciarra62

Thanks fsciarra62, appreciate your comment. But I still don't understand: I cannot find a VST plugin in the Pianoteq 6 Linux download (there is an LV2 directory only). So how would I install Pianoteq as a VST?

  — (Nov 23 '19 at 14:41) mindanao

I stand corrected: 1) RTFM :) It says: Pianoteq also comes as a native linux VST - this is the "Pianoteq" file. Interestingly, it is the only library file in the LV2 folder, so I am wondering, where is that LV2, or is it the same thing. 2) Copy that file over to /usr/lib/vst/, and voila, Pianoteq shows up as a VST in Bitwig. What a wonderful world! Thanks fsciarra62 for pointing me into the right direction.

  — (Nov 23 '19 at 15:39) mindanao

You are very welcome. Happy I have been useful. I guess the LV2 is just referring the internals of the plugin as much as a VST host does. All in all a .so is just a dynamic library, not an executable: it can have multiple access points.

  — (Nov 27 '19 at 16:09) fsciarra62
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One more vote for supporting LV2!


answered Nov 28 '19 at 09:35 by redbumble (21)

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