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I cant find a workaround to record the arpeggaitor or other midi devices which would be really helpful, is it possible?

Thanks for answer!


I'm not too familiar with the history of this program, so I cannot say if this existed when this question was asked, but I just figured out the solution after remembering a relevant portion of the manual. I would be happy to generate a more complete guide or tutorial since this wasn't so obvious in the first place. Here is how to accomplish this task:

  1. Setup an Instrument Track with the Device Chain that includes any MIDI-related Devices, named "generate" for example.
  2. Setup another Instrument Track that you want the altered MIDI data to appear on, named "result" for example.
  3. On this second "result" Instrument Track, select it and on the Inspector Panel in the Routing area, change the Input from "All Ins" or similar to the first "generate" Track.
  4. Add MIDI data in the "generate" Track somehow, for example place a Clip in the time range (or don't and play it live in later steps).
  5. Prime the Recording on the second "result" Track, enable global Recording, and press Play (depending on your Settings).
  6. NOTE: If you're playing live, you might also have to adjust the Input of the "generate" track or otherwise ensure that the MIDI notes are delivered to that track as you play.
  7. The final MIDI data will be written to the second "result" Track! If you made a Clip, you must be playing over that timeframe and the MIDI data will appear at the same time on the second "result" Track. If you were playing live that doesn't matter so much, but depending on the latencies and settings involved it may not be perfectly quantized or synced.

Original Post

I second this question or feature request for exporting and/or recording MIDI notes/events from a Device Chain. As a Device Chain's Audio can be 'bounced' into an Audio File, this would mean a Device Chain's MIDI notes/events can be 'bounced' into a MIDI clip/file.

For example, you could setup and possibly automate an Arpeggiator, then do a live performance or use a MIDI Clip to play notes. The 'bouncing' would take the end-result of the MIDI Chain (the notes generated by the Arpegiattor, Echo, etc.) and place them in a new clip or track - a la bounce sorta 'in place' - or save them to the library as a MIDI Clip - a la bounce to a file.

I was just thinking of this after playing with the Arpeggiator for a while. I wanted to tweak a couple of notes in the middle to make it a little more interesting. I gave up considering the effort involved: recreate everything the Arpegiattor was doing with MIDI Notes.

For exploration, there's a few other possibilities too. In the Analyzer category, there could be a MIDI Note/Event Device that shows what's going through the Chain. Or, there could be a Menu Action for MIDI Notes for Arpeggiation. You could select a chord of Notes and some options, such as note duration, speed, and scales, and it would slice and move the notes around to create an Arpegiatted sequence.


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Hi finetunes! What do you mean to record the arpeggaitor? Please be more specific. The arpeggiator are working based on keys pressed down. Just record the midikeys pressed down. Just write what the real problem is cause i have a hard time understand this question.


answered Aug 22 '14 at 07:46 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

I mean that I want to record MIDI devices to edit the MIDI data further or to export the MIDI for further editing.

Also other MIDI devices like a chorder VST would be nice to record, also to free some space.

  — (Aug 22 '14 at 22:18) goddamnmaddog

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