asked Jan 13 '17 at 04:29 by dysonsimmons (31)

I am running Bitwig on a Dell XPS 13 with a QHD+ display (3200 x 1800) on Linux. In Preferences > Displays I set the scaling to 175% or 200% and the UI scales fine but the mouse cursor remains too small to use. Is this just my set up or a known issue? Is there a work around?

This is just a guess but that's likely tied more to your OS than bitwig.


answered Jan 14 '17 at 01:57 by io (127)

I think you're right. I'm running Fedora 25 and Wayland although I have tried it under X11 as well and it's still the same.

I just can't remember if running under Ubuntu it was ok and I don't have another machine to test on. @io do you use it on Ubuntu with a HiDPI display?

I guess to be clear my cursor is correctly sized using all other programs, but when I move my cursor into Bitwig's window it shrinks down as if it's unaware of my scaling.

I have so far tried the following although I may have not tried one of these correctly.

  1. Installed the com.ubuntu.user-interface.gschema.xml schema and correctly set my scaling to: {'eDP1':16} for my monitor (name from xrandr -q | grep ' connected') in case it was looking for this having been developed for Ubuntu.

  2. Set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor scale to be massive to see if it would make a difference.

  3. Set Xcursor.size: 48 and ran gnome under X11. xrdb -query confirms it's set.

None of these made any difference. Does anyone know what java toolkit they are using for the UI? That might point me in the right direction.

I know Fedora isn't officially supported but I'm confident there is a work around one way or another.


answered Jan 14 '17 at 11:18 by dysonsimmons (31)

edited Jan 14 '17 at 11:22

@dysonsimmons I do indeed have a hidpi display (1920x1080 @ 13", hires but small), but I've never noticed any issues with the size of my cursor. The extent of my experience is with Ubuntu 14, Mint 17, Kxstudio and currently manjaro (although I have not produced on manjaro, only graphics and 3D). Of all the problems I've had to troubleshoot, never once was cursor size one of them.


answered Jan 14 '17 at 13:28 by io (127)

I'm having the exact same issue as @dysonsimmons. Hardware: Dell XPS 13, Ubuntu, HiDPi screen (3200*1800). When I move my cursor over Bitwig, the cursor becomes very small as if the scaling factor is suddenly removed... When I move out of the Bitwig window, cursor goes back to normal size. I'm using the demo Bitwig version (2.0).


answered May 03 '17 at 17:39 by laurensv (11)

edited May 03 '17 at 17:41

@laurensv since this post I installed a fresh version of Ubuntu, version 2 of Bitwig, took a video of the issue and submitted a support ticket but haven't heard anything back for a few weeks now. Perhaps if you also submitted a support ticket it might get some attention. It's definately a bug and what's a little frustrating is that it's such an obvious one that clearly shows hidpi isn't supported fully despite the claim it is.


answered May 03 '17 at 22:01 by dysonsimmons (31)

@dysonsimmons I've contacted Tech Support, let's see what they say.


answered May 05 '17 at 18:36 by laurensv (11)

@laurensv In case you didn't get a response to your ticket I have had confirmation that the issue has been found and a patch is being worked on.

Hopefully it will make it into 2.1!!


answered May 09 '17 at 17:18 by dysonsimmons (31)

I'm eagerly awaiting 2.1 to test...


answered May 16 '17 at 05:44 by laurensv (11)

Just installed 2.1 and for me it looks like it is all fixed! Soooo much easier to use now and looks amazing with HiDPI!


answered May 20 '17 at 00:31 by dysonsimmons (31)

Unfortunately it's not fixed completely. When you go to the Dashboard -> Help and hover over any URLs under Online Help or Documentation, the cursor becomes very small again... I have not seen this anywhere else (yet).


answered May 25 '17 at 19:16 by laurensv (11)

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