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dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

New payment system is not possible for me and i suppose for many other people.

159€ for one year are you serious ???

I'wll never buy bitwig. I've planned to buy it recently. I'm going to search an other DAW.

Bye bye bitwig.

It's not 159 for one year. You keep it forever. It's just one year of upgrades from the time of purchase.

More info here:


answered Jan 13 '17 at 09:15 by WXLF (31)

By "good intentions" I suppose you mean "$300USD" that I sent their way out of my own pocket only a couple months ago, when apparently this was all totally in the works and mum was the word. That's retarded. I don't want something for nothing, but as you say, I held off til september, why in God's name wouldn't I have held off to buy until at LEAST now? It's not like I needed a license key to continue to live. It could have waited; I could have made an informed decision had I known this was so close to release, but the community wasn't exactly clued in on this. I had been watching and counting pennies and saving while paying higher priority expenses, and finally just bit the bullet. I'm not made of money and don't make a buy like that willy-nilly; if I could, I'd groan and pay up the extra, because isn't that easier anyway?

So, let's recap, because your post rubbed me the wrong way:

"...don't want to pay money to do so." -> already paid $300

"'ll still have the software you purchased." -> which I would have waited a negligible amount of time to purchase as a 2.0 (or pre-2.0 w/ free upgrade) release...had the information been there to allow an informed decision

"...what's stopping you from waiting another 8 months to upgrade?" -> the same thing stopping me from using a crack instead of trying to be honest and pay up: nothing.

BONUS: " platform development" ...if I was really too concerned with "open" i wouldn't send them a dime until i could build from source. I actually referred to cross-platform development.

...did you actually read my post?


answered Jan 14 '17 at 16:47 by idosedthekoolaid (59)

This is a much more rational approach for them, it will stabilize their finances, simplify the update/development/deployment process, and increase resistance to warez folks. I do see where you are coming from and it's natural to see this sort of change as scary, but I suspect it will be better for the software, the company, and it's userbase overall.


answered Jan 13 '17 at 09:48 by io (127)

@io, I guess what people are afraid of is that those upgrades covered by annual fees will not be very substantial. It's easy to see why: in most cases "big" updates come with version change (like from 1.x to 2.x) and those happen rarely - every 2-3 years. So, if over the next 2 years we'll only be seeing 2.x updates, then - in most cases - you'd expect to get all of them for free and not have to pay in the meantime.

I'm personally waiting to see how things develop - I was hoping (it was sort of promised) for the access to the modular underlying structure of the engine in 2.0 and will likely postpone my purchases until it's available.


answered Jan 13 '17 at 10:45 by antic604 (673)

Almost all software vendors use this licensing method so it's not new and it's refreshing to see DAW vendors to follow the trait. It makes economical sense for user & vendors. Only difference is a lot of vendors force you to stay in maintenance whereas Bitwig doesn't which is great.


answered Jan 13 '17 at 12:42 by christo (11)

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Yeah...the only poopie thing is that in September I decided to purchase this software, but users who have bought within the last year of this anticipated upgrade are not getting access to the same first year of free upgrades as people initially purchasing 2.0; We should at least be getting that. This December 10 cutoff really sucks.

Please don't sour me on Bitwig, Cuys. c'mon. Please allow the same year window you'll be allowing new users for upgrades; I'll gladly hop on that yearly price if ya throw us that bone. If I have to pay it way earlier though the first time...price wise i might as well have bought ableton. I want to support cross platformness. Please.



answered Jan 14 '17 at 12:55 by idosedthekoolaid (59)

@idosedthekoolaid You want to support open platform development but you don't want to pay money to do so? Do you intend to just channel your good intentions as your means of support? I understand why you don't want to pay more money, but there is nothing forcing you to upgrade -now-, you'll still have the software you purchased. You were able to wait until last September to purchase it, whats stopping you from waiting another 8 months to upgrade?


answered Jan 14 '17 at 13:17 by io (127)

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