asked Jan 13 '17 at 15:27 by thantrax (76)

The upgrade from Bitwig Studio 1 to Bitwig Studio 2 is priced at 159 EUR / 169 USD.
Bitwig Studio 2 is coming February 28th, 2017, and will be priced at 379 EUR / 399 USD.
The upgrade is free for anyone who purchased Bitwig Studio 1 on, or after, December 10th, 2016.*

A question about "12 MONTHS OF FREE UPGRADES" : what if their last upgrade has flaws and they can't fix it while my subscription is still valid?

You either pay for the next 12 months or revert back to previous stable version (or don't use the buggy feature)



answered Jan 13 '17 at 16:48 by antic604 (673)

Yeah this is what I just asked about in another post. An official answer on it would be nice. Not that I think this would happen deliberately, but critical bugs could almost hold people to ransom to have to pay otherwise they are stuck with software they can't use. In any case though for something that's going to bring me heaps of enjoyment over the year the price is super cheap... let alone if you were a professional using this it would be less than one piece of paid work.


answered Jan 14 '17 at 14:34 by dysonsimmons (31)

No answer from Bitwig egg-heads and post deleted when they don't like comments content. I believe they are running out of money and their sales expectations are low enough (even on Christmas time) so they can't keep the old licensing policy. :(

  — (Jan 14 '17 at 15:53) thantrax

I suspect that if there are any -MAJOR- bugs, that the bitwig team would be compelled to release a global fix of sorts.


answered Jan 14 '17 at 15:56 by io (127)

As for now I can't get automation working on 3 Steinberg VST plugins both in the clip launcher and in the arranger, and I am talking of the easiest kind of automation like filter cutoff. Plus I can't make any VST3 of U-He and other developers work at all. I remember I was quite amazed when all my already installed plugins could load seamlessly and work straight out of the box in Bitwig 1 when I purchased and first installed it. Now in the Beta proper integration with third party plugins is totally gone which seems totally crazy to me. And I even tried some workarounds to solve the puzzle but to no avail.


answered Feb 25 '17 at 00:18 by CanoP (123)

edited Feb 25 '17 at 10:32

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