asked Aug 24 '14 at 16:59 by goddamnmaddog (336)

II want to automate fm8 pitch bend and no step transpose or fine tune!

Sorry, I don't use FM8 much - are you referring to the MIDI pitch bend?

You probably can't record it very easily if you're talking about the pitch bend wheel in the UI. Bitwig is only recording MIDI in, not MIDI from the plugins. You might be able to set up a loopback for it, but chances are FM8 isn't sending those MIDI messages. You'd be best suited to automate it:

You can automate that in the clip editor or the arrange window, of course. In the clip editor, press A (or click the automation icon at the bottom of the screen) to get the automation window. Select MIDI -> Pitch Bend from the drop-down on the left of the editor (it probably defaults to Mixer / Volume). This info, I'm sure, is in the manual.


answered Aug 24 '14 at 23:26 by kzantow (346)

I know that but I want to record it with my Pitch Bend when I play, but this is not possible. Maybe it is my setup, who knows?


answered Aug 25 '14 at 13:52 by goddamnmaddog (336)

Are you using pitch bend on a keyboard or the NI UI? You haven't made that clear...

  — (Aug 25 '14 at 21:19) kzantow

How to automate pitchbend(not record)

  1. press on icon where it is three lines, its called "show automation lane of this track" (look at picture)
  2. Press where it says "Mixer volume" (look at number 2 to see what i mean. Then go to midi and select Pitch Bend at top.
  3. Now press on the plusbutton to add to automationlane soo it adds to all automation.

Last step automate it.

Good luck and no more downvoting for correct answer ;) THis will help atleast with automation. But i tired to record and i moved the mouse on the pitchbend on the vst. It did not work for me either. SOmething we should reply to bitwig support. :)

alt text


answered Aug 25 '14 at 21:33 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

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I wish I can help you, but.. I'm having a similar issue. I can't get my HW-Synths to respond to Pitch-Bend data sent from my Motif XF7 keyboard's pitch wheel. (i.e. I have a Nord Lead 4 (Rack) synth that I would like to apply pitch-bend to one of its midi parts, but it does not respond to the pitch-bend wheel moves of my Motif XF7 keyboard.)

Note: I am able to get Pitch-Bend data recognized when I move the Motif XF7 Pitch Wheel to apply Pitch-Bend to a VST-Synth. but not to HW-Synth. I have installed Tom's BiDirectional Controller Script, and assigned it to both NL4 and Motif XF, but no luck in getting Pitch-Bend to work with my HW-Synths.

I hope this is simple to fix, but so far I can't do this simple operation, which works for me in Cubase Pro 8, without any issues.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Muziksculp


answered Oct 22 '15 at 10:42 by muziksculp (11)

thanks for answering peoplesss. this helped me find the pitch bend. was panicking for a bit. lol :)


answered Sep 04 '17 at 06:38 by josephdbae (61)

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