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Hello everyone and team Bitwig.

I use IK Multimedia ARC System 2 room correction plug-in to address my less than acoustically perfect studio space with excellent results.

Although, in order to work properly, ARC System 2 runs as a plug-in in the master channel. This causes issues by design since it's, in essence, an extra EQing plug-in in the end of the master section's chain. Obviously, a simple work around of any of these issues is to mute the effect before exporting the audio - but with that being said, I can't help thinking how it would be a lot easier if there was a way to use this plugin in a totally separate channel. For instance, right before hitting the audio interface out, without affecting the master mix and that would be designed for the sole purpose of room correction EQing.

What's everyone input on this? Is there a feature that's already there I don't know about that could do the trick or is this a good idea for an upcoming update of Bitwig?

Cheers'! Yann

I think you could for eg route it as follows (thou, I'm not sure what you'd gain). 1) Create a FX-layer as first device on master bus with two layers: one for ARC and another just plain Tool 2) Add Hardware FX to the ARC chain after the IK correction EQ and send it to your monitors (Audio Out)

Now the ARC chain goes to your monitors and Tool chain continues normal Master line. (Any device you place after the FX-layer only affects the Tool layer, so to speak).


answered Jan 18 '17 at 20:08 by mgaw (268)

Ah yes, that is clever. I'll try it out - Thank you.

  — (Jan 18 '17 at 20:20) iszoloscope

you can set up an "Effect Track" set it´s ouput to your main or secondary speakers, and select the Master as an input.



answered Feb 01 '17 at 19:58 by Beerhunter (6)

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