asked Jan 27 '17 at 02:01 by bielphc (41)

Bitwig misses basic features about music theory. Time signature automation?

How about video engine?

Guys, you promess something like an IDE to create modulators. Where is it? You promess online colaboration too.

And now, you ask for a update (totally agreed) but without the features you promised?

It seems Staff doesn't care about us. They do not answer us.


It would be great to have an official place to make feature requests, on which users can up/down vote.

This would be a huge benefit to the developers and planners, to show what the market demand is, and where paying customers would must like to see resources deployed.

Microsoft, of all people, have become very good at this with the way the manage the development of their free Visual Code editor.

The features mentioned in the OP are irrelevant to me, but I have my own desires ....


answered Mar 01 '17 at 12:08 by leegee (65)

Stop trolling and maybe you'll have more consideration...


answered Jan 31 '17 at 21:10 by Antuan (693)

I'm not trolling. I'm just giving my feedback because i love bitwig.

  — (Jan 31 '17 at 23:55) bielphc

O yes man. There are some promises. Really Bitwig is innovative and show some doors "half opened". Now there are some others taking avance of this (Audiomulch...) Now I have my beta but I think-for this price/contract formule I wait six months or more for take my first update....Waiting what my brother, friend or online friends results (real results) take. I have lastly learn the real importance of a beautiful gui. Of course I continues use this big piece of software all days cote a cote other tools


answered Feb 17 '17 at 00:22 by 11ent (41)

Lol "Stop trolling and maybe you'll have more consideration..."... Is that all about being a good guy? I think one can say whatever he wants if he's been disposable to pay and show some trust in a totally new project and then feels like he's been deceived... After all it's all about money...


answered Feb 25 '17 at 11:11 by CanoP (123)

E bien man. I must start saying that Bitwig have good made it's roll when demonstrated that can make a new environment 100% autoportante, high level and that have much space for innovation. For this I have buy first time your superb suppressive Beta 1. After this years the evolution have a good curve. Now for me is the moment where I must decide wath tools I are, in the relation [economic/productivity/feeling] is more adapted to my situation. And I think is just for a little degree out of my posibility/needs. I think is in questionable taste, unfortunate at least think "al it's all about money". As I have say one of the reasons that I have for buy first version without previous user opinions or references (except NAMM where people talk good about all products) is for give Bitwig a push with their economy. In that moment. Then I understand the importance of money but "All it's all...." 350 new users. 150 old users... That have payed 350 at it's time... I repeat it's another really good tool for work.


answered Feb 25 '17 at 18:14 by 11ent (41)

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