asked Jan 27 '17 at 16:57 by thecrumb (66)

There is currently a thread on the KVR forum about getting Bitwig into a RPM format.

Have you considered supporting something like AppImage?

I know it's difficult to support all the Linux distros out there but AppImage seems like a good solution.

I'm sure the Linux market for Bitwig is small but having an easy to install, cross-distro package would help that market grow I think.

In case someone wants to generate an AppImage on a non-Debian Linux:

  1. Download or clone
  2. Install Docker
  3. Run ./pkg2appimage-with-docker recipes/Bitwig-Studio.yml

In my case I also had to add ENV ARCH=x86_64 to ./Dockerfile, below DOCKER_BUILD=1, before step 3.

The AppImage created is in the directory ./out/.

It worked for me on Clear Linux.


answered May 16 at 07:52 by stefanoproducing (21)

edited May 16 at 08:00

maybe " Alien" will do the job..

i perfer to just unzip the .deb package and move the stuff to their directions... or for testing.. just unpack it and start Bitwig right from the directory it´s in.


answered Feb 01 '17 at 20:02 by Beerhunter (6)

I tried Alien and had some issues. Will revisit. For my install I did indeed just unpack and move the directories accordingly.

The benefit I see with AppImage is that it lowers the bar to entry for Bitwig + Linux.

Dom's point I guess is it's something else they would have to support...


answered Feb 01 '17 at 20:40 by thecrumb (66)

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