asked Feb 02 '17 at 18:03 by retronomicon (101)


It's probably more up to Splice than Bitwig, but the one thing keeping me from switching over from Ableton is the integration with Splice that automatically syncs project files and lets me roll back to any version that has ever been synced. Is there anything in the works for such a feature, or does anybody have alternative solution for this functionality?

For me this a high priority feature. I use splice with ableton and fl studio.


answered Feb 04 '17 at 02:38 by fulvious (71)

I've sent request to Splice team and they replied that Bitwig Support are within their plans.


answered Feb 07 '17 at 07:53 by Enrize (259)

Any update on this? Like you guys say this is probably a splice thing as much as a bitwig thing but it's a factor in my decision to renew (kind of, right now I'm just backing up projects on various disks...)


answered Feb 28 '18 at 23:58 by mynameisjohnj (33)

I've found a couple solutions since I initially asked this last year. First, is great for backing up projects and has a similar interface to Splice. It also allows you to publish projects and allow collaborators to work with you. Secondly, Google Backup & Sync added the ability to sync specific folders, which has allowed me to point it at my bitwig library and automatically sync all my projects, samples, etc.

Splice has really dragged their feet on this one, but I wouldn't ditch Bitwig because of it.

  — (Mar 01 '18 at 00:36) retronomicon

Awesome. thanks! That's good to know.

  — (Mar 01 '18 at 01:03) mynameisjohnj

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