asked Feb 07 '17 at 18:50 by mirror2112 (11)


I created my own multisample instrument. It's fantastic. I have that and several other instruments configured in a template that automatically loads every time Bitwig opens. It always works.

I just loaded that template, added a new instrument, made some changes to a few of the tracks -- but not the multisample track -- and now the sampler simply will not play. all other instruments play. Everything appears to be properly configured. Loading the old template works, but the sampler on the new template is just not making sound.

I am confused. Nothing about the sampler changed (except maybe the channel number, but that should not matter). Audio works on every channel. Help?!

Bitwig 1.3.13

Update -- I upgraded to 1.3.15 -- it's still not working

  — (Feb 07 '17 at 18:56) mirror2112

BUG RESOLVED! This is most definitely a bug.

For whatever reason, creating a new template that has a sampler in it breaks the multisample in the new template but preserves it in the old template. By going into the old template and resaving the multisample to the library, you can then load the new multisample in the new template, save that template, and the issue is resolved.


answered Feb 07 '17 at 19:29 by mirror2112 (11)

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