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I'm wondering if there is a way to monitor all outgoing/incoming MIDI traffic to and from a device using the controller API (maybe through subscribing to an event? -- doesn't appear to be possible, but it seems like an important feature to add). I'm on Linux for what it is worth, so strategies utilizing other software are also welcome. I've been able to listen to messages from my hardware using KMidimon, but I can't see anything from Bitwig Studio to my device. Cheers!

I would also like this feature! :) It would make debugging issues easier!


answered Nov 30 '17 at 23:14 by Rokka (101)

There is the Control Script Console that shows the output of your controller script on the Studio I/O panel. To get the MIDI traffic as Control Script output, you have tweak your controller script:

  1. There should already be a MIDI callback. It looks something like host.getMidiInPort(0).setMidiCallback(onMidiData);
  2. In the callback function (in the example onMidiData), you have to add a command to print the midi information: printMidi(status, data1, data2)

Once the script was reloaded, the Console should print the incomung MIDI information. For outgoing MIDI information, I expect a similar callback on the MIDI out port, but I'm not sure about that.


answered Dec 03 '17 at 12:39 by pvitt (14)

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