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When I record a clip in the clip launcher, I can stop the recording and continue the playback on the quintize by mouse-clicking the little record circle on the clip, however I would like to use a keyboard shortcut for that to make it quickly so that the loop will cut on the right quanatize - usually, the time it takes my hands to move from the MIDI keyboard and point the mouse on the little circle I miss the spot and the recorded clip becomes longer than wanted and i need to edit it and then replay it so it will sync with the loop.


Pressing Enter while a slot is selected in the launcher view should do exactly what you want...if the slot is empty, it will start recording on the next beat (or whatever you're quantizing to) and if it's already recording when you press Enter then it will stop recording on the next beat and start looping. If you want to use a different key, go to preferences and look for "Launch Current Slot or Scene" in the shortcut list.


answered Feb 15 '17 at 02:46 by CaptainColon (82)


Thank you!

  — (Feb 15 '17 at 06:26) michaelgo

Thanks from me, too!


answered Jan 06 '18 at 22:45 by petera (11)

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