asked Feb 19 at 21:01 by arakash (31)

There are two big issues in Bitwig that are yet to be addressed in Bitwig Studio 2, so in light of that fact, I decided to spread this a bit wide and open.

  1. Duplicating a track does not copy over track routing configuration (the duplicated track is set to 'No Output'). While not necessarily a dealbreaker per se, when you have 50 to 100 tracks all using multi in/out, it becomes significant.

  2. Grouped/Layered Multi In/Out Plugins don't show up in the "Notes to Plugins" routing menu list. To circumvent this, one has to make sure the plugins in question are located at the top of the "stack" (I.E un-grouped or un-layered), once any routing settings have been made, the plugins can then be grouped/layered again. This is very cumbersome.

Thank you.

Might you please share a project of this sort with Kontakt multi out? So it woudl be possible to me to understand your routing process?


answered Feb 25 at 10:55 by CanoP (120)

I made a video of this. Turned out kinda long-winded, but anyway:

  — (Feb 25 at 18:14) arakash

Ok thank you I'll check asap


answered Feb 25 at 21:00 by CanoP (120)

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