asked Feb 24 '17 at 07:26 by domtak (21)


I'm trying to track in a 3 minute piece of music from a hardware synth. Bitwig is setting the clock and triggering the transport. This is all working fine.

After I've recorded the music and zoom in to the opening notes they're exactly on the beat grid. However if I move to the end of the song they've moved off the grid, by a noticeable amount. I don't understand why, they should be hitting the grid through, the tempo isn't changing.

Any ideas? Known bug?

I'm running latest Bitwig on current spec iMac with a Behringer XR18.



I have the same issue on a Audio PC and RME sound cards. i dont have drift with ableton so i know it works normaly I think its something in the software perhaps a setting or it is a bug...


answered Apr 18 '17 at 03:58 by kawa (11)

I'm still having this issue with 2.0 and I'm on a Mac running latest OS. As you mention above, this doesn't happen for me in Ableton either.

Is this the correct place to get support or is there another way I can get help?


answered Apr 18 '17 at 19:44 by domtak (21)

Is there something happening with the buffer size? Also, can you change the clock source to the controller?


answered Apr 18 '17 at 23:09 by alexvan (151)

When you say 'something happening' what do you mean? And when you say change the clock source to the controller do you mean have Bitwig slave to the Midi devices? Sorry if I'm being a little stupid.

As I mention, the soundcard / mixer seems to work fine and in playback everything is synced perfectly. However, when I record (say a simple click sound) it slowly goes off the grid. In fact last night it was off the grid within a few beats.

It's very strange.


answered Apr 18 '17 at 23:28 by domtak (21)

Bitwig at this a time cant not be slave from other devices ( hmm sounds kinky) . I do have some electron analog gear that i used with over bridge and that dose not dift, in fact using overbridge it is spot on with some recording time adjustment. I am using RME sounds cards so i never have issues with their drivers but of course you never know. ive heard alot of others have the same problem with drifting So i believe it is a driver issue with bitwig.


answered Apr 18 '17 at 23:50 by kawa (11)

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