asked Feb 24 '17 at 11:32 by Tonybigud (13)

Hi friends!, i hope u are really good! (at east enough to help me a little with this... :love:

Ok, i can't find the way to make my sound card work properly jn bitwig. I have a Lexicon Omega and the problem is this: It makes a sound like "radio", like SHHHHSHHSHSHSHSHSSSHHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHS in very loud voice... I have tried to change all the configuration 1000000 times... but it goes on doing the same. I've tried other programs, but works perfectly well. The problem is only here, in bitwig-. I have tried to change the usb cable. But do exactly the same. I've tried it in other computer and happens exacly the same. The problems is betwen bitwig and lexicon omega.

Is there anybodo with a heart full all love, hat can give me a hand with this disgusting noise?????

Thanks a lot!

If you hear kind of hissing noise in any single project try to explain your problem to the developers. How much time does it last? Are the drivers of your soundcard up to date? Are you working on Windows 7 in case? Or Macintosh? Linux Ubuntu? Sometimes I've heard that many lads prefer to use Asio4all in Windows cause the Lexicon Omega drivers have shown loosy behaviour in many circumstances.


answered Feb 26 '17 at 10:22 by CanoP (123)

edited Feb 26 '17 at 10:32

I get your point. Too bad not all sound cards are compatible with any DAW. That's why we would really be pleased if BITWIG developers could finally set a list of all of perfectly compatible hardware/software devices for Bitwig...


answered Feb 25 '17 at 10:43 by CanoP (123)


Can't believe that my sound card is not compatible.... Its strange because the outputs works perfectly well. So, i can hear what i have recorder before with other sound card. The only problem is whit the outputs. Are u shure that this sound card is not compatible???


answered Feb 26 '17 at 08:31 by Tonybigud (13)

Man, THANKS A LOT FOR YOU R HELP. I put the asio4all and now is working perfectly well. You have done a lot for me. A hug from Argentina! : )))


answered Mar 01 '17 at 09:01 by Tonybigud (13)

You're welcome.


answered Mar 01 '17 at 21:23 by CanoP (123)

Hi again man, thanks really a lot for your help : ))) I have "the last question", maybe u can help me one more time. I want to set bitwig fot multichannel with mobius. Exactly as i did in reaper once. I have a video how to do it into reaper: is this one

Do you know if it's posible to set the bitwig to work multichannel with mobius?? that would be perfect


answered Mar 03 '17 at 10:19 by Tonybigud (13)

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