asked Feb 27 '17 at 07:53 by SirSpacePirate (21)

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Question is pretty self-explanatory. I cannot get Bitwig to sit above the Windows 10 task bar in full screen. The task bar always covers the bottom portion of Bitwig. It is the only app I have with this problem. To be honest Bitwig seems to have terrible window resizing ability period. Bitwig can never seems to resize correctly when using window snapping or general resizing.

Windows 10 (64-Bit) Post-anniversary update Nvidia GTX 1080 Bitwig 1.3.15

EDIT: Buying BS2 should not be the answer for a bug fix.

+1. It would be great to get this fixed but I guess that the developers have other things on their minds (like BS 2).


answered Feb 28 '17 at 14:36 by RichardC (113)

I agree that they probably have other priorities at the moment but having your program's window render correctly is pretty fundamental piece of functionality and should be addressed asap.

  — (Mar 02 '17 at 00:40) SirSpacePirate

Seems to be fixed in BS 2.

  — (Mar 02 '17 at 23:12) RichardC

Ditto, works for me in BS 2.

  — (Mar 10 '17 at 23:31) amg56

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