asked Feb 28 '17 at 15:29 by gkillmaster (167)

Having the automation points be in percentage is handy for some things but most of the time, for what I do, typing in an exact value would be preferable. For instance, if I'm trying to designate a preset, I just need to be able to type in an integer for the preset number but the way it is now, I have to manually pick the point on the curve and guess what the integer value is based on the percentage cause when I'm in the editor panel, I can't see the resulting value of the program change parameter in the device. This makes it really tedious. Am I missing a way to do this? If not, I request this feature.


Greg K.

especially for things that require integer values like program change. In 2.0, when you click on automation points, they are displayed in integer values since the parameter is an integer value in the Bitwig device "MIDI Program Change", so why can you type an integer value in the value field in the inspector?


answered Mar 24 '17 at 05:44 by gkillmaster (167)

edited Mar 24 '17 at 05:48

I understand exactly what qkillmaster says. In automation points, the value you can see is a percentage, but to translate that value into the vst you're using, and viceverse, its better to have a number by reference, instead to imagine what number does that percentage belong to.

I think it should be necessary to have a consistency between these two values. Wouldn't be easier to show into automation points the real value of the parameter in its final destination? (e.g.: cutoff automation point value showing 4.326 kHz instead of 33%).

Is that what you're requiring, qkillmaster?



answered Mar 01 '17 at 18:22 by eowar (125)

edited Mar 01 '17 at 18:23

Up for common sense, percentages in automation doesn't make much sense. You want to know the exact values of what you are doing, not calculate % over the base number for that automation..


answered Mar 24 '17 at 05:31 by DanCR (104)

Does sound even more counterintuitive when you add that to the argument


answered Mar 24 '17 at 05:48 by DanCR (104)

Hi Greg, when you select an automation point you will see its value in the Inspector panel, here you can also type in values numerically. I hope this helps!


answered Mar 01 '17 at 08:56 by fredrik (186)

Yeh, sorry, this is not my question though. I didn't say it clearly but I want to be able to type in integer values, not percentages.


answered Mar 01 '17 at 15:50 by gkillmaster (167)

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