asked Mar 01 '17 at 10:15 by DC (11)

edited Apr 20 '17 at 06:59

With Bitwig Studio 2 now available, when is Bitwig 8-Track version 2 going to be released?

There will be a new version of Bitwig 8Track, too, but there's no date for it yet!


answered Apr 25 '17 at 15:38 by dom ♦♦ (2.0k)

Any update on a version bump for 8-Track?

I just got a Nektar LX25+ which comes with 8-Track (woo hoo!) and discovered it had not been updated to any 2.x version branch yet. Bummer.

Will the new version be available to existing 8-Track owners for download, or as a paid upgrade?


answered Mar 27 at 03:57 by RelativePrime (34)

+1 I too wanted to make use of 8-Track (to run VCV rack from once the Bridge is out), but turns out the Link feature was only added in Bitwig 2... so back to Live it is for now. Would be great to have 8-Track updated to Bitwig 2 functionality! Always wanted to give it an extensive spin, especially for the modulators... Cheers. c.


answered Jun 05 at 12:13 by alectron (11)

Also bought Nektar LX25+ and just discovered that I can download only old version of Bitwig. Too sad. Please make update.


answered Jun 27 at 17:05 by Boiko (11)

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