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Hi, I´m new to Bitwig and love it so far. But I have a major problem I cannot fix myself. I´m mixing and monitoring outside the box with a hardware mixer. All my Synths, Drummachines and Audio Interface Outputs go into the mixer. I send the Bitwig clock to my external Sequencers and it works tight with all Bitwigs internal devices. But when I send midi out from a clip to a Hardware Synth I get a really big midi latency. I´m using the Hardware Instrument device but not feeding the ouput from the Synth back into Bitwig. When I do send the Synths Output back in my Audio Interface the latency correction within the External Hardware device works fine though and the timing is good, but thats not what I want to do.

I know that there is still no (midi) track delay, which is really annoying for me as for many others, but I think my problem is anywhere else. Does this has anything to do with the Hardware Instrument device? Can you send midi out without using the Hardware Instrument device? With this behavior it´s impossible to use all my Synths, cause they are really out of timing. Do I overlook something?


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