asked Oct 02 '14 at 01:39 by AldoCalrissian (41)


This has happened on two projects so far and it's pretty frustrating. In the first one, I had a few Kontact players with Rev playing a few lines and then they just greyed out and no longer play. In my second project, it grayed out some audio clips I recorded through my Scarlett 8i6.

What I don't understand is that I didn't press any commands to make that happen, or at least I am unaware of any commands that do that. I investigated as well and I could, but I can't figure it out.

Here's an image of the second project. As you'll see, Audio 4 and Voice2 are a bit translucent.

It's weird because it doesn't function like a muted channel (which will still show up grayed out in its own meter). These clips show up in the meters like nothing is happening. All my other tracks are functioning perfectly.

Am I missing something?

Hi, it looks like those two tracks have been "taken over" by the clip launcher. Here's how it works: As soon as you launch a clip or hit the stop button in the clip launcher, any clips for that track in the timeline will be bypassed - hence the greyed out color, and content not playing. When you open the clip launcher panel you will see a column of buttons: Switch Playback to Arranger, and at the top Global Switch Playback to Arranger. Hit the Global Switch Playback to Arranger to reset everything to the arrangement. Have a look at the user guide page 79 for additional info with screenshot.


answered Oct 06 '14 at 11:55 by fredrik (186)

Perfect! Such a simple thing, but really easy to miss. I must have accidentally launched a clip from my controller or something. Thanks!

  — (Oct 06 '14 at 17:52) AldoCalrissian

Awesome this happened to me as well and I was getting very discouraged. Can't wait to get home to try this out!

  — (Jan 02 '15 at 20:55) DynoMyte

But do you understand that cliplauncher is something amazing. now you guys can try a diffrent bassline from cliplauncher and it will mute the midi from arragement and vice versa. Soo its effective for trying out ideas :D

  — (Jan 03 '15 at 10:27) ronnyrydgren

Thanx - I ve started to use Launcher after half year and miss the same thing.

Its actually same like in Ableton - I can believe that I have to start google and did not notice it right the way. Damn.


answered Jan 21 '19 at 04:37 by Sigsally (24)

edited Jan 21 '19 at 04:40

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