asked Mar 03 '17 at 17:43 by pfrancq (20)

Hi, I need to filter the noted that are coming from my keyboard on a channel basis. In Bitwig 1.x, I was using Tom's Generic Keyboard controller script (from Thomas Helzle) to select which channel to assign to a given track. But in Bitwig 2, the script cannot catch the notes when a particular channel is chosen (the omni option works). I suppose that something changed in the controller API, but have no clue where to search. Any idea ? Thanks.

If you only need the 16 channels but not the Omni input, try this version for BWS2:

(download to your controller scripts folder, then you find the script in BWS under Generic > Generic Keys v2)

Omni is currently not working.. at least in BWS2 beta 6. Still waiting for clarification on that.

Cheers ~


answered Mar 03 '17 at 23:08 by bufobufo (146)

edited Mar 03 '17 at 23:34

Fantastic. It works. Thanks.


answered Mar 04 '17 at 14:34 by pfrancq (20)

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