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Hello! I would like to know how to map two parameters (or more, the question is to map not only one, but more than one) into the same remote control wheel. When I click on the Wi-Fi logo, it flashes and awaits that way until I choose a parameter, but when I want to "add" another parameter into that wheel control, I can not. Is there any way to do so and I'm not viewing it? Any help, please?

Thanks in advance!

To do that you first have to add a new Modulator (either Macro or Macro-4), configure that macro as you wish using its blue arrow. Then click a Remote Control slot to assign it and click in the knob in the Macro modulator, this will display a knob in the macro area just like it did in 1.0!


answered Apr 16 '17 at 19:32 by FergusL (31)

It only works if you add a macro to a preset page, not the device pages... Odd but yeah it works.


answered May 16 '18 at 17:56 by macgregoroi (21)

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The above answer just doesn't work. It will not allow you to select the macro control when assigning the Remote Control.


answered May 01 '17 at 00:44 by person147 (11)

Yeah I thought the same until I saw a video that assigned the remote control to a macro. When assigning to the macro you need to double click on the macro and it will assign -


answered Mar 17 '18 at 01:03 by ltrotsky (11)

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