asked Mar 07 '17 at 14:23 by DOX (36)


Please Discuss. Maybe my english is a bit bad so i wonder if you get the point.

My featurerequest would be:

Take more advantage of the Hybridtracks! We have the option bounce in place. If we do that, the midi is gone. Why dont put the midi and the bounced audio into a container and auto-deactivate the midi (or instrument) after bouncing. This will ofer more flexibility and decrease the cpu load if its needed during your production. When you ever want to go back to the midi, just activate it. Activating the midi will mute the audio.

As you might know reaper has hybrid tracks too and they give the option to bounce the midi and still have accsess to the midi file in the same objekt.

At the moment i dont use bounce in place for that purpose, because i feel like i always want to have the possibiliy to go back to the midiclip. But this means that - if i want to bounce something because i need more cpuload - i always have two tracks with the same content (one audio, one midi) and this makes a big projekt very unclear. Sure you can put both tracks into an folder, but its less convenient and if i want to do some editing i have to do it on both tracks. So in addition, the container with the midi and the audio should be editable, too.

Group midi track and bounce the top track - will keep your midi untouched and bounce separated.



answered Mar 10 '17 at 16:27 by Konstantinov (209)

So basically, you want to be able to have two clips in one place? This sounds unnecessarily complex when you can just copy a clip to another slot to keep the original, or drag to/from the arrangement to the clip launcher. Since you can unfold the clip launcher in arrangement, this is very accessible in Bitwig.


answered Mar 07 '17 at 18:31 by jaidzadza (37)

Sure there are ways to keep the original, but think of a big projekt where clips lieing arround everwhere. you realy have to develop a own system of organization to keep your overview. Its much more comfortable to have everything in place by default. And i think its worth the complexity.

Its a bit like the freezing in ableton. you just have access to the midi and the audio at the same time and have full control over the track.

I just heard that freezing will be implemented in the future. But i like the way reaper does it a bit more.

nonetheless i love bitwig :)


answered Mar 07 '17 at 19:21 by DOX (36)

Wow thanks for that. Didnt know that and its acttually what i wanted :)


answered Mar 11 '17 at 00:29 by DOX (36)

Having an audio and midi track in the same channel doesn't seem overly complex and seems like something that's needed. there's effect that need midi input and even sidechaning audio in vocoders would be easier. I was surprised bounce in place deleted the midi hard edit, with no recovery. That just seems so outdated. Why would I want to discard midi, it's the smallest file you can make.


answered Mar 31 '17 at 15:17 by halphprice (36)

edited Mar 31 '17 at 15:28

Okay, so you bounced midi, sliced output audio to 100 pieces, moved everything inside the audio event, stretched and then decided to revert to MIDI.

Why Bitwig should decide for you which portion of original midi you want to see during "midi restoration" and why? Yes, I can imagine such kind of feature but in complex situations it will be easier to restore MIDI track by hand OR keep it as clips or in separate group. In simpler cases - it doesn't worth the dev time.

  — (Mar 31 '17 at 15:40) Konstantinov

It is not necessary, but it save time and useless midi track for Stutter, VocalizerPro etc.


answered Oct 17 '18 at 02:58 by Sigsally (24)

edited Oct 19 '18 at 05:18

It's a feature I have been asking for since 2015 -

  — (Jan 17 at 01:27) Civa

answered Jan 17 at 01:25 by Civa (99)

And a tuner. I mean, come on, bitwig -


answered Jan 17 at 01:33 by Civa (99)

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