asked Mar 07 '17 at 19:18 by housebrigade (31)

Can any one please help me out. I'm running bitwig 2, using my novation ultranova audio interface. Everytime i try and record audio all im getting is very loud screeching white noise. Iv tried everything but have still had no luck.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem with my Novation X-Station. Whatever I'm trying to record from external source (microphone with +48V, external audio) or trying to record from synthesizer itself (USB) I get unpleasant and really loud noise. There is no problem with playback. Updated drivers, still nothing.

Using any other DAW's playback/recording is smooth whatever latency/samples you set up in Audio USB/ASIO Settings.

Maybe Novation audio interfaces are not supported? Out of ideas so far.



answered Apr 03 '17 at 17:50 by niedobryjasiu (113)

I got in touch with bitwig and novation but no one could help. I did install ASIO4ALL and it sorted out the issue but by that time i was stll rally pee'd off with my novation so i went out and bought a scarlett 6i6.

Try installing asio4all and have a tinker around with the settings

  — (Apr 03 '17 at 18:23) housebrigade

Well, I did it already. In between I've been trying to use Bitwig --> Routing possibilities like: Hardware Instrument or Audio Receiver, muting source channels, turning off Track Monitoring etc. Well, it is as it is so far.

Hopefully they'll resolve it somehow and it's just a bug with Novation recording mode/bitrate... whatever. I use different DAW to record audio from external sources.

  — (Apr 03 '17 at 18:42) niedobryjasiu

Might be a duplicate of .


answered Oct 19 '17 at 15:17 by andreas1337 (11)

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