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You still ignored most people who asking about primitive features e.g. stretching midi notes It's really impossible thing to add, yes? Scale 50% / 200% is only thing you can do, huh? FL studio has it, Ableton Live has it, Reaper, Cubase and Logic have it, too I really don't care about AU compatibility or other features people has waited. Working with notes and midi is really important thing to make a complicated music parts. I'm really disappointed to wait it so many years. Bitwig is still beta for me

No need to be aggressive! Select a MIDI note. Using mouse, hover over the edge, and when the cursor changes to a bar, click and drag -- the note or notes you selected stretch. The same can be done with touch - a feature most DAWs lack.


answered Mar 10 '17 at 13:18 by leegee (65)


leegee, you probably miss the point, Bitwig 2.0 still lack proper scaling and I also don't get why dev team thinks it's not important. Proper scaling looks like:

Was requested around 2014 on this board: And most likely even earlier.

Okay, if Scaling is too complex feature, what about making Scale factor inside of Inspector??? You can scale to 200% or 50%, just give us ability to set inbetween.

  — (Mar 10 '17 at 20:14) Konstantinov

Now I see what you mean - scale not just length but start position too. Does seem weird that you have 50%, 100%, but no slider....

  — (Mar 11 '17 at 15:58) leegee

Hello, I could say some points to improve too, but they're working on it, I think. Anyway, I must recognize that 2.0 version was not what I expected. GUI changed, all buttons scattered now, lack of basic MIDI utilities which I consider essentials to do what you're saying: "to make complicated music parts". I firmly believe that this is the real 'raison d'ĂȘtre' of a DAW, because a DAW has to aid the user to get farther in just a couple of seconds, focusing on letting flow the inspiration, instead of obstructing it when, e.g. having to draw/change/modify/effect the same notes in other place. But, hey! I'ts got a lot of interesting and really useful things. Have a bit of patience!

And yes, It's a pity to see that this superb DAW is getting into oblivion for those "must-have" options and it's getting, instead, the same relaxing attitude as Ableton's Live... it works that way, people are happy, and we think it can go on that way.

I'm specially willing for the implementation of MIDI utilities such as an inverse button (well, we have by now the "reverse" one, but what about the other axis?) and an easier way to draw envelopes onto the notes of a clip. I just can't find how to do so. There are the micro-pitch expression button, and in the note expression section, the velocity, timbre (which does nothing, at least I have not been able to discover it's usefulness). But the truth is that I just can see much of the space is wasted, empty.

Well, I don't want to look I'm not loving this software anymore, but I would like to put into words my feelings about the new version, hoping they'll keep our suggestions in mind. Thanks for reading! =)


answered Mar 10 '17 at 13:32 by eowar (125)

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