asked Mar 09 '17 at 17:56 by Lachmund (236)

Hello everybody,

I'm having really strange timing issues when trying to bounce/bounce in place in Bitwig.

I was hoping the issue will be fixed in B2 but it is still persistant, so I'm wondering if it's just a personal problem.

The issue is there is a clear DELAY visible in the audio signal when using the bounce or even worse bounce in place function - in comparison to the original signal.

I'm sure this is not how it's intended to work since it's an internal process and renders those functions essentially useless for professional work.

As an example I use a simple audio track and just bounce it and compare the waveforms...they are always and strangely even irregularly varying in terms of phase and timing after the process....this is surely a huge problem.

Please tell me if I'm missing something or doing something wrong here.

Just to be clear....there are no FX plugins on the track and even if there were plugin delay compensation is activated. (Should affect this internal process anyway).



I made several test bounces with several VST instruments and it seems to be a pattern that the bounced files aren't phase aligned at all to the original signals....Seems to be a problem with the Plugin Delay Compensation. I read about other people having similar problems on the net but strangely there is no real coverage here...Can anybody confirm this is not a personal problem with my system?!


answered Mar 09 '17 at 20:42 by Lachmund (236)

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