asked Mar 13 '17 at 12:45 by sj1 (81)

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Working with the BitWig Studio 2.0 demo, I imported (dragged in) a small MIDI file of 4 tracks and assigned each track to a HW Instrument.

The 4 tracks do sound on playback as expected (via my external synth), but when I use the Mute or Solo buttons on a track nothing changes - all 4 tracks just keep sounding as before.

Is there some setting I need to make to enable the Mute and Solo buttons to perform their actions? Have I perhaps found a bug in the program?

Bitiwg, please implement midi mute or at least an option to mute midi and/or audio!


answered Oct 02 '17 at 14:35 by Errortrax (61)

+1 this is weird...


answered Aug 20 '18 at 14:03 by stikka (21)

Mute & Solo just affect audio, not MIDI or notes.

Annoying, but a workaround for me was to assign Activate and Deactivate to keyboard shortcuts (I use numeric keypad) and that let's me toggle them on and off quickly, though stuck notes can be a problem if you deactivate before note-off...

I wish there was an option in settings to set what mute/solo does (notes or audio or both).


answered Sep 01 '17 at 15:13 by raveystabs (21)

+1 !! midi track mute hugely important here as well.


answered Mar 12 '18 at 07:16 by bwet (11)

+1 need Midi Mute and Solo here for my external gear, not only per track, but also Solo per Clip (Mute is there in the Inspector panel but Solo is missing)

If Bitwig does not want this as the default behavior for some reason, then please put this into the Settings: "Mute/Solo: Apply to Midi tracks as well".


answered Nov 22 '19 at 07:38 by mindanao (72)

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