asked Mar 13 '17 at 13:05 by sj1 (81)


Working with the BitWig Studio 2.0 demo, I imported a small MIDI file of 4 tracks (on 4 different channels).

My goal is to output this info to a HW Instrument, with the data going out on the same channels as originally recorded.

Presumably the 'Preserve' setting for the channel of the HW Instrument is what would/should accomplish this. However, it does not.

Could someone please enlighten me about what the 'Preserve' setting actually does, and how I might be able to accomplish my goal?

So, here we are over a year later and no answer has been provided to a straightforward question ( about what the 'Preserve' setting actually does ) and no improvement in BWS has been made with respect to multi-channel MIDI recording (correct?). MIDI support in the program and responsiveness in the Forum by staff are things important to me (and others with the same needs), and so long as they are ignored my $$ cannot flow your way (Just speaking truth here.). Regards.

  — (Jun 29 '18 at 12:54) sj1

This is also bugging me and rendering the multi channel capabilities of my Keystep and other triggering hardware far less useful. Could someone with some knowledge please help us?


answered Aug 19 '17 at 00:46 by person147 (11)

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