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Hey everyone, new Bitwig demo user here. Loving what I see so far, but wondering if I'm missing some key workflows that I love from Cubase.

1 - Can you timestretch audio in the arrange view? In cubase you can use the stretch tool to do this. Something similar in bitwig?

2 - Can you slide audio inside events in arrange view? This is a quick way to get things lining up, instead of fiddling with the little editor at the bottom. In Cubase you hold down a key modifier, then just drag the audio inside the clip.

3 - How do audio comps work? Say I want to record multiple takes of a performance and only keep the best parts. In Cubase you can stack audio files, slice the pieces & mute the parts you don't want. Is there a similar workflow in Bitwig?

4 - Can you apply plugins or process directly from the arrange view and re-bounce audio? Would be awesome to do this as well.

5 - Where is it possible to link an external audio editor to bounce files out, then save and have them auto-re-imported? Pretty much every other DAW can do this. Couldn't find the preference...

Is this an official Bitwig support forum or should I be emailing somewhere?

  — (Mar 24 '17 at 20:37) cynic-one

Hello cynic-one.
1. All time stretching is done in the editor panel (below the main panel). Open the audio clip you want to stretch, switch to Stretch expression and click and drag stretch markers. Hover the mouse over the bottom end of the waveform in the editor and you should see some. Stretch markers can also easily be created by clicking anywhere in the waveform.
2. Not really, events can only be moved around in the editor panel.
3. There is no comping feature in Bitwig Studio - yet.
4. When you bounce you can select if it should be done pre- or post effects in the device chain.
5. This feature is not implemented in Bitwig Studio at this point.


answered Mar 29 '17 at 15:38 by fredrik (186)

Hi Fredrik, thanks for the response, even if it took awhile.

I'm happy that comping is coming, but any word on if we'll be able to time stretch or slide events inside clips in the arrange window ala Cubase / Reason? These are essential to my workflow (and many other people's I'd suspect).

I'll be holding off a Bitwig purchase until that time. Love what you're doing but wish the product were more mature.


answered Mar 30 '17 at 00:39 by cynic-one (21)

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