asked Mar 15 '17 at 19:10 by brownerthanu (331)


Pitch correction is very hard in Bitwig since there is no Rewire support. ARA integration would make it awesome.

+1 a must have feature along with comping


answered Sep 15 '17 at 01:35 by yassinex (61)

Yup - uch needed


answered Mar 18 '17 at 23:32 by SLiC (21)

yeah. i would switch over immediately if it had ARA. that is the ONLY thing that is preventing me.


answered Sep 02 '17 at 03:58 by josephdbae (21)

edited Sep 02 '17 at 03:58

Yes, the sooner we get ARA support, the better!


answered Sep 18 '17 at 03:36 by Cyler (306)

Having used Melodyne in an ARA enabled host it now feels like an essential feature. Now that cakewalk are going out of business there are a lot of Sonar users looking for a replacement. Reaper has announced and teased their support for ARA. Presonus’ implementation is working well. Seems a shame that the DAW of the year 2017 doesn’t. Tempo mapping from a live recording, drag & drop midi from audio and of course the pitch correction in Melodyne are such useful features and so easy to use when embedded through ARA.
So +1 from me on an ARA implementation in Bitwig.


answered Dec 08 '17 at 21:36 by jferg (21)

Another frustrated SONAR user looking for a replacement. ARA support is a real must to attract the sonar community. I’m testing Bitwig 2,2 right now and really like the concept. Midi implementation is frustrating at times but possibilities are infinite if programming java script is something for you. The more I use it the more I love it. Not ready to buy it yet though. Need more testing to see if it fits my really fits my needs.


answered Dec 15 '17 at 08:22 by luke101 (11)

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