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dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

Good morning,

I'm considering upgrading from BWS v1.3.16 to the new BWS 2.0, and was wondering what types of issues people have experienced, particularly with VST's, and perhaps your overall experience? Is it buggy? Did you have to spend a great deal of time relearning, or is the interfact intuitive? Questions. like that...

I don't want to put down the money and then get immediately frustrated. I understand there will always be some issues - but the version I'm using right now works pretty well, so am uncertain if upgrading is going to provide any benefits.

Any thoughts?


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I did upgrade, and so far have been pleased. I was mainly concerned about the learning curve, and how my current plugins would work, but no real issues, pleased to say.


answered Mar 27 '17 at 01:40 by jamesmcseattle (87)

Hey James, i'd say upgrade.

Got into v1 just before v2 was released and didn't feel like you need to relearn much. Some modulators can do what you'd previously use v1 devices for but can still use them.. The new devices are also a very good addition in general.

As far as bugs, crashes, i can only speak for myself but i've had 0. Very solid release. Starting my 2nd commercial song on Bitwig and nothing went wrong with the first one. Things do what they are supposed to do, clean and fast. Interface wise it's not so different, some stuff that was in the inspector is now at transport bar level, but they are shortcut assignable, so no big deal. In their place there is now relevant info + pitch options.

Modulators are awesome!!

As fas as the top transport bar the cool thing is it can be whatever you want, by pinning or unpinning certain items. Browser also has a bit more colours for different kinds of files/vsts i think.

I get way more frustrated playing around with Live 9, this is smooth sailing :)

But this is solely my experience with BW2, on osx.


answered Mar 24 '17 at 18:40 by DanCR (104)


Great fedback! Thanks for taking the time for a thoughtful reply, really appreciate it!

I'm curious, how did the upgrade upgrade affect existing projects, did you lose any work or settings on existing tracks?

  — (Mar 24 '17 at 19:00) jamesmcseattle

Only had 1 big project on BWS 1, the rest was testing sessions to mess around/learn the DAW. After jumping into v2 everything was fine! I'm sure it's something they have taken into account. Just don't forget to right click the pop up browser and check "Legacy Devices" so you can see the v1 devices, otherwise they won't show up. There are plenty more features worth upgrading for like Fades, If you chop audio a lot, can't live without it! All the best :)

  — (Mar 24 '17 at 19:34) DanCR

So I upgraded, and everything works great, except, that now only the bottom row of pads on my keyboard works, and I'm not sure how to map them in the new BWS. Any ideas?

  — (Mar 24 '17 at 23:57) jamesmcseattle

I figured it out. I had assigned my pads to different shortcuts, and had forgotten that I'd done so!

  — (Mar 25 '17 at 01:21) jamesmcseattle

Glad you jumped to v2, i'm sure you will like it! Besides the pads thing you've solved, everything else has been good

  — (Mar 25 '17 at 03:26) DanCR

I got issues with Steinberg Dark Planet and Hypnotic Dance Vst2.4 plugins and the Vst3 versions of these plugins were totally unasable. That kept me from upgrading cause I am working on a couple of tracks containing these plugins.


answered Mar 25 '17 at 14:25 by CanoP (123)

Interface-wise I can say that, as a version 1 user, I was surprised at how good the navigation in it became


answered Mar 27 '17 at 00:00 by Gülkan (11)

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