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If i work on a Track and Export i only export MASTER, but i want to rename it, i dont see any possibillitie to change export filename. If i change the Project and want export a second Master i only can overwrite the existingfile, but i dont want that.

How i can export individual files and individual filenames? How can i export the Master of different selections in the actual Project? How i can export without overwriting existing files? How i use the Field with the projectname inside, under "select output directory" in export window, i can change the name but.....,it happens nothing? Why the Export/ Output-Folder i made, is not changing in the outputfile info?

Section 12..5 of the user guide gives some good info on exporting.

Just rename the master you are exporting. In the file name box, below the directory listing where you are exporting, you can just rename the master, to whatever you like, i.e. mysongv2, or mysongv3, and that will export that master with that filename to your location of choice.

When you say you export using the "project directory" format, and nothing happens, are you checking the your Documents folder to see if it exported?


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I just went back and duplicated, and I think I understand what you mean. If you select either of the top two selections under "Filename Pattern" you cannot explicitly name the master track, only if you select "Directory/Name" - this might be good feedback either as a possible bug or enhancement if you email

  — (Mar 27 '17 at 02:00) jamesmcseattle

okay, thanks for reply... its just my individual and most logical walkthrough, but it stuck....^^,

i RDFM so then :D

  — (Mar 30 '17 at 10:02) BlackHoleNFO

yes, this is not intuitively obvious for sure! so, you must change the Filename Pattern to be "Directory/Name" so you can actually name your file. seems like this should be the default as I concur, that is confusing!


answered Mar 01 '18 at 06:09 by bwet (11)

The export feature is so stupid. Do you know how many single tracks I have overwrote with a mster on the export..the RED WRITING IS NOT ENOUGH. I just lost 2 hours because bitwig just cant rename the track when I click master to master.wav or, how about giving my a damn popup dialog. If I just exported track 4, and now im doing master, why the hell would you keep my filename and directory the same ? And if you do, please give me a FUCKING WARNING. Thanks


answered Mar 11 '18 at 04:22 by odix (111)

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