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Hi there!

I have a question which you can easily answer, I guess. Or hope so...

Yesterday I chopped up a sample and sliced it onto a drumrack and recorded some midinotes. After that I put a vst in the chain, fracture xt, and made some decent results. After that I bounced the audio in place and it became a hybrid track.

All I wanted was just to get the resulting audio information as audio track. Is this possible without recording it to a pure audio track? And how can I export it then to just find the audio file on my pc?

I think this may be a real noob question but I hope u can help me nonetheless. And sorry for my english. I hope I explained everything properly

If you want it as an audio file, simply solo the track (click the S in the track header) and do an audio export (File > Audio Export).


answered Mar 29 '17 at 15:52 by fredrik (186)

you have 2 options bounce and bounce in place. use bounce! it creates another track for audio. what i do make a copy of my midi track press bounce on copy one then freeze original, just in case i need to come back to it.


answered Dec 30 '18 at 18:52 by YYBY (66)

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