asked Mar 30 '17 at 17:31 by Meloverse (81)

Hello i want upgrate my PC. In some forums I read that there are big differences in DAW's in the use of multiple cores. Now I am interested in the new Ryzens from AMD because they are so nice. Bitwig is the latest, if not the most advanced DAW.

The DAW will lend it self morn to multi core, so a 1700 -1800X would be great where this would fall a bit short is with VST's because it depends on how they are coded. So I would look into your VST's but overall in terms of the future more cores is always better. if you do go AMD they all favor fast ram so if it can over clock you should be good!. I'm building a 1800x system now (not for music) waiting on better to come out ram.


answered Apr 02 '17 at 18:29 by Black-Star (35)

i have read that the DAW determines how VSTs are allocated to cores....i have heard lots of stuff, and don't know what to think about it...

it would be nice to see some definitive information in Bitwig Specifications on this..

i am just finishing up a mod on my 1950X rack, that i have finally gotten around to, and will pull up some different mixes, and examine what is actually going on with resmon....

i was told 16 cores is overkill for studio work,; but i do CAD drafting also, and need multi-thread for rendering and fast model motion


answered Sep 10 '19 at 17:30 by EWKrulgert (21)

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