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Hey guys,

the more i´m fiddeling around with bitwig, the more i love this daw. Wouldn´t it be great to have a simple function, what i call "Temporary Mouseover Mapping"?

The idea works like that: You can map one knob of any (Midi) controlsurface you want to your mouse. And it gets activated, when your Mousecursor is on any knob of your devices, plugins, channels ect. you need to adjust in this particulary moment.

So instead of clicking and moving your mouse up and down / from the left to the side for adjusting your values, you just turn your one knob, which is mapped to your mouse. I think this would enhance the workflow rapidly and fit into bitwigs concept. I think it would also feel great.

I hope you like this idea. Let´s vote for this and let Bitwig be the first DAW which implement this.

Thnx and Greets :)

Yes something like that would be nice. Maybe even simply enable the scroll wheel on the mouse to control whatever parameter you are hovering over.

However what would be really nice as the o.p. has suggested would be if you could set up one knob to be dedicated to this but I'd like to add that additionally having an encoder that could be used to "tab" back and forth through all the parameters in the channel strip highlighting this parameter that's enabled and then use the dedicated potentiometer knob to adjust the highlighted parameter. This would really trump using a mouse for this stuff and it would trump having a setup with one knob per parameter as that takes a lot of space and let's face it having to take your eyes off the screen isn't very efficient. I think that would be an interface that would be versatile enough to bridge the gap between all hardware setups vs all virtual setups.

I don't know about how to write scripts but it seems to me that Bitwig would be capable of this as some of the scripts are able to do something similar to this already but they map eight knobs at a time highlighting them in eight different colours which is cool but you still have to look at the screen and then look for the knob in that colour. Would so much easier is it was just one encoder to select and highlight the parameter and another to tweak the value... One hand on each knob and eyes on screen the whole time.


answered Apr 14 at 10:37 by slackerluddite (46)

Yes, to have the mousewheel controlling the hovered parameters would alredy be a big improvement. The mousewheel only for fast/rough adjustements and combined with a key sequence (Shift + Mousewheel) for fine adjustements.

Could also imagine your idea with tabbing between the parameters in one track. Maybe with the mousewheel then and adjusting the values with your knob of choice. Maybe they implemtent at least using the mousewheel.

  — (Apr 15 at 16:59) trybwguy

I'd like to be able to do this with a Griffin PowerMate USB knob, for higher resolution tweaking than a MIDI controller, and a nice way to edit Bitwig / VST's compared to having a one knob per function controller which is slow and takes up space. If this could be done within Bitwig this would be the feature that would tie me to Bitwig. Similar to what the nOb device does (€200) .


answered Apr 15 at 16:22 by rpc (21)

edited Apr 15 at 16:23

Yeah...that´s definetly the coolest knob i´ve ever seen. And combined with thouch screens would be awesome as well, cause adjusting the values with thouch seems also a bit inaccurately, but i´ve never tryed. The nOb alredy has this function with "Drag Mode", but 200€ are heavy too. So be able to use this function with a Griffin PowerMate USB knob is an argument.

  — (Apr 15 at 17:16) trybwguy

Wow yes it seems there is a bit of a movement in this direction. "Nob" looks interesting. Also I think Microsoft are making a knob for the Surface and then there is KM Kontrol Master by Touch Innovations. But as always will any of this work in Bitwig?


answered Apr 15 at 17:58 by slackerluddite (46)

I wasn't aware of the Touch Innovations Kontrol Master ($299 USD). That looks like a good option (like the nOb) that could work in all DAW software.


answered Apr 17 at 18:44 by rpc (21)

Hi, There seems to be a software that will map a MIDI controller to do this very task already, called DFader . For PC and Mac. There seems to be a demo version. I don't know if there is any way to alter/increase sensitivity if needed (I found the reference in a Gearslutz thread re the Touch Innovations Kontrol Master).


answered Apr 17 at 20:36 by rpc (21)

Wow cool will definitely have to try Dfader could be the ticket!


answered Apr 17 at 23:12 by slackerluddite (46)

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