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I'm running BWS on mac and i had a song that i worked on a while back where i used about 20 instances of the Slate VMR on and now whenever i go to open that project, about 5 of the 20 VMRs will load while the others remain deciding whether or not to load. i know its not my computer because i can do thee same thing in logic x and i don't have this issue. has anyone else experienced this? and what do i do about it?

The only way I've been able to "fix" the problem has been to copy each instance of VMR and paste it in the same channel strip, which can take a while since the others are causing my mac to run slow because their still trying to load. Also, after I've copied and pasted the plugin, i cant delete the old one, otherwise the entire project will cease to play sound anymore and i have to close it and reopen the project..... VERY FRUSTRATING! So for a long time i stopped using BW and went back to logic. i like BW, but this became a huge inconvenience for me... Any Suggestions?

I fixed the problem for my current project by setting Slate VMR to run on the same plugin host instance (use separate hosts for 32bit/64bit setting). Previously I had some random crash with VMR and had decided to make it run always in a separate host to isolate crashes but that seems to affect this problem.


answered Oct 24 '17 at 08:28 by paladomia (31)

Yup! I also found this to be the reason. In general, plugins which have "group options" or other communication between instances, should not be run in a separate hosts to work properly.

  — (Oct 24 '17 at 13:47) mgaw

Yes, I'm also defenitely having problems with VMR on Bitwig 2.0 (Mac OS X 10.11.6.) Most of the time when reopen a project with VMR on, that plugin just won't load - the fix? Restart Bitwig and open again, fingers crossed. I had some other issues (cpu peaks) with VMR in Bitwig last year, but that's been fixed I think.

I suggest you'll contact Slate's support on this. I'll do the same.


answered Apr 05 '17 at 23:37 by mgaw (268)

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