asked Apr 08 '17 at 21:43 by pablopen (10)

Hey there, I've been toying around with the Bitwig demo, and so far found it great and ready to meet my demands. I'm a live musician, using Ableton at the moment. I set my instruments in a rack and then use scenes to activate and deactivate them, creating presets that are changed everytime I launch a new scene. The thing is, my hands are usually busy, so in Ableton I launch the next scene by means of a foot pedal (a midi controller). Since Ableton has this "launch next scene" button, I can map my pedal to that button. Does Bitwig have a similar button somewhere? I cannot find a "launch next scene" functionality anywhere.

PS: I know I could automate the clips to "play next", but I DON'T want to automatically launch the next scene after a set amount of time, since I play with other musicians and we do not use a click. That means the tempo might vary, and an automation would potentially trigger the scene changes at the wrong times. I need to do it manually!

Yes, there's a Launch next scene command. It can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut, or indeed a MIDI control input.
Open Dashboard, go to Settings > Shortcuts, then click the "Type to filter actions" search field and type "Launch".


answered Apr 10 '17 at 14:38 by fredrik (186)

Awesome, thanks!

  — (Apr 10 '17 at 19:45) pablopen

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