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Hey maybe there is a trick or I am missing something but Please add timestretch functionality in the Sampler, having to import smaller samples onto timeline, then stretch, then slice or save or whatever, seems to be a wasted step! And possibly add the choice for which samples you want to be raw, repitched and hd stretched be in the sampler device also, maybe I'm looking at it the opposite way of what is there but workflow is so slowed the way it is now, this also makes makes for some great quick and dirty grain synthesis stuff with multi-samples layering, etc; If not this then add something that does this as a modulator, with position and size of grains, If anybody knows a method that would allow something like this with what's available now please speak up, I'm just trying to avoid dragging all of my samples to the timeline, reworking and editing THEN dropping into sampler by way of slice or dragging directly, which if you are just dragging a chunk of audio to the drumrack directly but haven't created a sampler device to drop it into it only does it automatically about half the time anyway, the other half of the time it crashes the audio engine for some reason, it also does this when I slice "raw" ...damn annoying glitch on top of everything else! Bitwig Q&A'ers rock On! Thanks!

Yes, I was surprised to not see stretching / warping in Sampler - it's a crucial feature for doing multi-sampled instruments!

One workaround for this could be:

  • set the Sampler to not follow the note keys (the piano icon in top left),
  • add a Key Tracking modulator to the Sampler, set it up as Relative with Spread of 12,
  • make sure that both Sampler and Key Tracking have the same note as a base/root, e.g. C3,
  • put the Pitch Shifter in Sampler's FX and modulate its Pitch knob by the output of the Key Tracking,
  • adjust the Grain on Pitch Shifter to your liking, although I find the default value of 10kHz (I think?) to sound the best.

It's not perfect, but for small deviations from the root note it works decently.

Here's how it should look like: alt text


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I very much support this Feature Request. It's an important "feature match" with Ableton's Simpler device, which will help convince more Ableton users to make the jump to Bitwig.

While @antic604's clever workaround helps a little bit, it's still not good enough to make Sampler as robust as it needs to be. Now that you've addressed the biggest pain point and stumbling block for would-be Ableton migrants--better time-stretching introduced in 2.3--this is by FAR the new, highest-priority pain point!

Here's a typical use case that requires full support for STRETCH modes in your Sampler. It's quite common for EDM producers to do audio detailing where they resample some juicy drop noise across the 8- or 16 bars of a drop while doing "preset-crashing" where they load up some plugin like Uhbik-G and just toggle through all the presets every two seconds. This results in some juicy glitched resample clip that you can cut up and interject into the mix at points to create some interesting detailing and variation. Or, you might resample the entire mixbus then do extreme stretching on the resample to make an otherworldy, glitched version of the entire mix. Again, with the goal of chopping out the interesting-sounding bits and interjecting those cuts into the main mix.

So in these cases, you might sometimes want to make a longer 1-bar cut out of one of these resampled clips, load that cut into Sampler, and then play that cut MELODICALLY as a riff. Currently, this can sound pretty bad because Sampler will not stretch during keytracking.

So THAT is a very common use case where giving us the ability to toggle STRETCH on (put it right next to KEYTRACK), and then to select our desired stretching algorithm and its properties, just like on any audio clip, would be EXTREMELY useful and would definitely help attract more users over from Ableton. That use case I described above is one of the main workflow draws of Ableton for EDM and electronica producers.


answered Jul 07 '18 at 16:31 by Baphy (209)

Its more easier as you tihink, i think.

  • have a eye on you settings behaviour -> default stretch mode (my setting: long_stretch HD, short_elastic eco)
  • Drop that Sample Loop in Sampler, not stretched...
  • Take the sample, drop into a track, then bitwig stretch the sample
  • drop it back to sampler, done, stretched sample in sampler

But YES this feature should be in the Sampler itself.


answered Oct 11 '19 at 23:31 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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