asked Apr 15 '17 at 19:24 by bbarker3 (376)

I've noticed a repeatable bug involving UVI Falcon and the Audio Sample Rate. I am running on an iMac 5K Retina display, 32GB Ram, latest Sierra, i7, etc. If I run with sample rates exceeding 48KHz WITH the UVI Falcon Plug-in Open on my iMac display, I experience audible pops/crackle. As soon as I minimize the Falcon plugin, the pops/cracks goes away. They return when I open it. Or, if I move the open Falcon window to my other display (Apple monitor), the pops/crackle also stops. Somehow, it appears the Falcon display on Retina interferes with the audio engine. I've tested on latest ver 2.0 and Beta 2.1, and it is consist.

I'm using a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre audio interface, and keeping it set at matching sample rates. I've also played with the buffer sizes, but that doesn't seem to affect it at all. It doesn't appear to be lack of processing capability issue. I don't think it's a Beta bug either. Any suggestions?

To be fair, I see the same behavior in Logic Pro X - seems unique to Falcon, I'll report that to UVI.

  — (Apr 15 '17 at 23:53) bbarker3

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