asked Apr 16 '17 at 09:41 by Dmiller837 (11)

Everytime i play my track the audio playback stops completely but Bitwig is still displaying that the track should be audible. I've tried switching to different output devices but it is consistent with all of my devices and is slowly becoming more frequent for what i just call it as crashing, I do not play the audio at high volumes nor do i have the channels up very high but my audio crashes so much it makes it almost impossible to work on tracks.

Please help!

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I had this but my situation may be unique to yours...I have a mac running Yosemite, and I also use pro tools...You might need to update you CoreAudio.plugin to the newest version. Also, I found a hang up when I used external plug ins, to fix it as a rule I now right click on the plug ins and set 'auto suspend>off' I hope this helps...I've definitely had it where the transport counter is still going but no audio is coming out. I haven't had this issue since I changed my audio driver...


answered Apr 18 '17 at 23:16 by alexvan (161)

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