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Hello! Please head over to this question, its answer explains in detail how to install Controller Scripts.

I've read everything I can find about how to add controller scripts, in my case for the Novation SLMk2, however I just cannot get it to work. The path is supposed to be C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Bitwig Studio\ControllerScripts (or Controller Scripts, with a space - I've tried both). Putting the top-level folder for the Mossgraber script here doesn't work. Neither does putting the MKII subfolder in this location work. I have another "Users" folder on a separate hard drive, after changing the default location some time ago (some progs pick this up, some don't - Bitwig put my default projects folder here). Doesn't work. In my Bitwig install location I have two folders, "Bitwig" and "Bitwig Studio". One of these (I can't remember which) has a Controller Scripts folder, where the pre-installed scripts live. Doesn't work. There is also some Bitwig related stuff in AppData, so I tried this. You can probably guess the result.

Is there a config file or something that shows where Bitwig is expecting to find these scripts, and could somebody confirm exactly which files need to be copied?

Hi, can you find the folders you mention first? One idea is to search your system for the folder called Controller Scripts. Find the one which is NOT filled with the default scripts, use the other one. There the script files should go.

Script files should be either a single .js file or a bunch of files in a folder (usually downloadable as a zip archive). Best is to put the folder - with all files - in the Controller Scripts folder without re-naming it.

Bitwig Official just posted a useful text on this topic in this forum.

  — (Nov 04 '14 at 16:21) fredrik

I assume you saw this post and followed it exactly:

  — (Nov 04 '14 at 18:40) kzantow

Yes, following that exactly still does not allow for the new script to be visible in the Manually add Controller dialog. I am having the same issue with my own BWS. i have tried modifying the permissions of the folder to "everyone" can read and write but still no luck.

  — (Jan 11 '15 at 18:29) ntrval

update: SOME folders are not showing up. I was able to add a couple M-Audio controller scripts contained in a folder called M-Audio. The "Thomas Helzle" folder is still not visible in the Manually Add Controller menu.

  — (Jan 11 '15 at 18:59) ntrval

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