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How to Install a Control Script

Most scripts come as single .js files (JavaScript), however many scripts need several files to work properly. The files need to be placed in a specific folder for Bitwig Studio to find it.

If you are downloading a script from GitHub (as linked from our community controller pages), I recommend you to download the script files as a Zip-archive.

  1. On the GitHub page there should be a “Download ZIP” button on the right side. Click that to get all necessary files as an archive.

  2. Save the ZIP-file to a location you can find easily, and unpack it once the download is complete.

  3. Now you should copy or move the unpacked folder to a location so Bitwig Studio can find it, this is different depending on which operating system you have:

OSX Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Controller Scripts\

Linux /home/YOURUSERNAME/Bitwig\ Studio/Controller\ Scripts/

Once you’ve moved or copied the folder containing the script to the above location open Bitwig Studio, go to Preferences and Controllers. Now you can try detecting the controller automatically, or add it manually.


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