asked Apr 25 '17 at 00:27 by vvsurleriddim (21)

Hi, I was used tu use Bitwig 1.x until I was sent a temporary free 2.0beta licence. I then installed 2.0beta over 1.x. Then my beta licence expired (which is normal). When I try to start Bitwig now, it just displays a popup a startut : "licence expired bla bla get a licence" then when I click OK Bitwig shuts down, I have no choice like "enter a new licence key" or something. So I just bought a 2.0 upgrade licence, and received an email with the key. I downloaded the official 2.0 .deb package from Bitwig's website, and tried to install it over the locked beta. But Ubuntu doesn't want to do that : he says he can't because a "newer version" is already installed.

So I'm stuck : I cant use Bitwig anymore and I can't register my new licence either. I've spent a total 450 € (300 for v1 + 150 for 2.0) for a software that won't let itself be upgraded or ran.

What am I supposed to do ? Uninstall currenty installed beta and reinstall stable 2.0 ?

I don't want to lose ANY of my Bitwig data during the process ! (projects, presets, settings and so on ...)

Please tell me what to do !


Yes, uninstalling the beta version and then installing the release version should do the trick!


answered Apr 25 '17 at 14:52 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

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