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It seems that, when I set an input on a channel, Bitwig is rendered unable to play.

I'm currently running Bitwig 2.0 on Ubuntu 17 on a Chromebook Pixel 2015. I'm connecting to a Mackie Onyx Blackjack via ALSA, (and I can record and play back in Audacity without any issue). In Bitwig, I can add an instrument, add some notes, hit play and hear output without any issue. However, as soon as I add an input (like if I set the input on an audio track to 'Stereo Input') I can no longer play. When I hit play, it just sits there and doesn't play. No errors, it just sits there in silence and doesn't move. If I set it back to 'No input', it works fine again. Also, without an input selected, I can hit record and then play, and it starts counting off, but if I have an input selected, and I hit record and then play, it does nothing. I've tried this both with monitoring enabled and disabled (and I'm not getting anything through the monitor). Any idea what the issue is?

I ended up solving this problem by using Jack instead of ALSA.


answered Apr 29 '17 at 18:35 by jrood (31)

Bump. This question is nearly 3 years old, surfaces a critical ALSA bug, and yet the OP gave up on a solution, and the Bitwig team haven't responded. Not good.


answered Feb 07 at 16:41 by linguamachina (11)

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