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This are some issues I'm having while using Bitwig 1. Sampler plugin makes delay tail of my drum kit sounds and also if I make and edit on the multi track window let's say I cut the last part of the drum pattern to make a transition while I'm doing my playback the drums are still there but this is something that happen sometimes. 2. When working with automation there are some popping sounds while the playback is running like the start of the clip I'm working my automation on is trying to keep sounding as it's default sound. This is something I come across every time I use a low pass filter and automated to make a transition effect is an initial popping sound and like the firs issue listed here, this is something that affects my track sometimes and even when I render my track the popping sound is there. 3. When working on my track if a solo one channel there's times when the other instruments on the track make a glitch sound like if the solo I did to one of the tracks is not effective at the moment. 4. When closing my session I get an error. 5. When Opening Bitwig it crashes and I star the program again and it loads fine.

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