asked Apr 28 '17 at 16:16 by xerranmusic (46)

Hi! these two features are available on every other DAW out there even on the so called TOY DAW FL Studio, why we don't have them in Bitwig as of today? for example the multiple track selection on the mixer to change the volume all at once, I don't want to make a group to do that we need to have that feature separately. And mp3 rendering!!! for real 2017 and this DAW doesn't have mp3 rendering options? I'm forced to use another application to change the file to mp3 and that's time wasted. Everything else on this DAW I love! but these two features are a must have for me.

Well I just found out the mixer feature I talked about Lol this is embarrassing. When you select multiple tracks on the mixer there's a little box on the left panel and you can work the volume, pan, record, solo and mute of the multiple tracks you have selected. I don't remember if this feature was available in version 1 of Bitwig but its on version 2 so this is great. Now all I ask is for mp3 rendering in the future!


answered Apr 28 '17 at 21:50 by xerranmusic (46)

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