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Why is that every video I found about Bitwig is very much trash? I mean the program is amazing and I've been a user since day one. But what I mean is, that there are no great videos or tutorials on the internet. Every video contains poor knowledge and the tracks that are made on those videos are awful, weird sounds, weird arrangements, just a poor and awful representation of what Bitwig is and can do! Maybe the owners of Bitwig have to consider reaching out to more professional producers or the ones that are on the page that can make videos or tutorials with great content. Not with weird sounds and poor drums. And the new "Demos" that you can download in version 2 for my taste are garbage. I'm from Puerto Rico and out here we make more urban music, so maybe just maybe Bitwig needs a bigger representation on that area. I know that the majority of people using this daw makes electrionic music, dubstep and all that kind of stuff and while I like those styles of music I can't understand why is everything on this DAW leaning towards that genre of music. I mean if you want to reach more clients with your product, make content for a bigger audience not electronic people only.

As anyone can make Bitwig videos and upload them to youtube, we don't have any control over the quality of those videos, but there are great professional tutorials from companies like AskVideo,, Pointblank etc. listed here:


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