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Placi (782)


Audio Engine does not start after upgrade to Yosemite

On some systems the audio engine will not start, only showing the spinning wheel after upgrading to Yosemite. The problem is caused by the Avid/Digidesign Coreaudio driver not being compatible with Yosemite yet.

To get Bitwig Studio running again, just remove the Macintosh “Avid CoreAudio.plugin” in HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > HAL To do so, you have to type in the admin password when prompted. After a reboot of OSX Bitwig Studio should run fine again.


answered Nov 11 '14 at 17:51 by Placi (782)

Avid has just released a driver update that attempts to fix this issue:

  — (Dec 01 '16 at 15:55) dom ♦♦

hi, i have tried the above steps and can't find avid core audio.plugin in this location please help.


answered Sep 07 '15 at 05:03 by Sullivan (11)


Hi Sullivan, Do you have the issue using Bitwig Studio 1.1 or the 1.2 beta? And what driver/sound card do you use and what's your hardware (Macbook? etc...)?

  — (Sep 07 '15 at 10:16) Placi

hi , I'm using a novation 2x4 and 1.1.11 with yosemite. Problem started after i downloaded the beta. i have deleted it now but it's still crashing.


answered Sep 07 '15 at 10:57 by Sullivan (11)

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So it starts, but then crashes? Or it doesn't start at all? Because that's what happened in the original bug. Please contact our support ( with step by step instructions / information on what exactly is happening.

  — (Sep 07 '15 at 13:56) Placi

Hello Placi, It all depends on the complexity of the project i am trying to open/play. If the project is small (i.e. only a few loops and a plugin) it will play. But if i load a larger project with many plugins then it crashes. The more plugins the faster it seems to crash.

  — (Sep 08 '15 at 10:07) Sullivan

And it works fine using my NI Audio 2 DJ interface but it doesn't work with my Novation 2x4 Audio Hub.

  — (Sep 08 '15 at 12:14) Sullivan

sorted the plugin i used called podolski crashed sorry for bothering you thanks for the help chow.

  — (Sep 08 '15 at 13:48) Sullivan

The proper way to solve this issue is to turn off the App Nap function in OS X Ypsemite

Find the Bitwig in "Applications Folder" or "right-quick" and "show in finder"

To get info (cmd + i ) or right-click select "Get Info"

in the General Tab check that "Prevent App Nap" is selected.

Close Info Pane

Restart Bitwig

Audio Engine is now restored

(The Problem is the Application is reporting to console that its constantly red flagged for attempting to nap. OS X is very good at preventing these types of issues. It sandboxes the process until the correct procedure is completed).

To Summarize:

Problem: Bitwig (the application at fault) - Core Audio Engine Crashes (No Sound)

Solution: In OS X> Get Info > Prevent App Nap.

Hope this Helps


answered Aug 08 '16 at 00:20 by Feedback (11)

Just had the same problem in OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

Running Bitwig Studio through Avid HD Native Thunderbolt & HD Omni interface using the Avid HD Driver 11.3.1 (legacy/Pro Tools 11) caused Bitwig Studio's Audio Engine to crash right away when trying to enable "Avid HD Native Thunderbolt" as Input/Output device.

Running Bitwig Studio with the Built-in Input/Output worked just fine with those Avid Core Audio Drivers installed.

Upgrading to Pro Tools 12.6.1/12.7, which have been released just recently (december 2016) and installing the 12.7 HD Drivers resolved all my previous Core Audio problems with any DAW/software, as promised by Avid/Pro Tools in the driver release notes.

Especially good for users like me, who own Native Instruments Maschine Studio, Kontrol S49 & Komplete Ultimate 10, which previously would not function properly with Avid's old (version 11.x.x) Core Audio drivers installed in OS X Yosemite or later.

This fix (using the 12.6.1 or the 12.7 version of the Avid HD Drivers) should, according to Avid, also solve any Core Audio related problems on Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra (haven't tested them, since I'm still running Mavericks because of it's reliability/stability).


answered Jan 03 '17 at 01:54 by xazqe (11)

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