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I have three bugs using the 02-28-17 build of Bitwig 2.

  1. Extra Note: I have a clip that is 16 bars long, but in the arrangement view I shorten it to 4 bars. If I start playback four bars before this clip, it plays the next note after the 4th bar. I can't reproduce this with Polysynth, but it's consistent with Kontakt.
  2. Lagged Modulation: I have a drum machine with a kick drum sample. I automate the mute of that channel to activate at a position in time, such as 5.1.1. I still hear a tiny click for the kick drum that comes after that time. This might be the same root cause as problem 1, but I can't reproduce 1 with built in devices whereas I can for problem 2.
  3. Buttons Missing Label in Automation: I use a button modulator and give it a name and some automation. When dropping down the automation menu in the lane, the label for this track is blank. This would get confusing with multiple buttons.

I made a video explaining these bugs so you can see it with your own ears. Enjoy!

Just watched your video and tried to reproduce them on my end (same version as you). Wanted to comment on what I found.

  1. I'm not even sure how you managed to get your clip to look like that. What I mean is when you look at the note editor in your video, right under the time (the 1, 2, 3, etc.) there is a gray bar with a tiny pink border and then right under that at beat 1 is an arrow pointing right. At the end of your clip (off the page) should be the arrow that is pointing to the left. This signifies the actual length of your clip in the Arrange window. When I cut or drag or whatever on my clip to make it stop after 4 notes like you, this arrow pointing to the left moves after the 4th note. But in your video it does not. This is what I mean by not being sure how you did that because I can't seem to get it NOT to move that arrow pointing left to wherever I shorten the clip. So for me I don't hear that extra note. So to "fix" this issue on your end, just move that arrow to the end of your 4th note where you want the actual clip to end and you shouldn't hear the start of that 5th note.

  2. Yes the mute thing was easy to reproduce and sort of goes hand in hand with #1 from above. It's really the same sort of thing but yet not. I remember something like this happening in Abelton Live 8 (DAW I was using before I made the switch to Bitwig) which is why I always got in the habit of cutting my clips instead of automating the mute. Though you can zoom in and pull the automation back a few 64th of a beat and not clip your last note while getting the mute to take. No it's not a bug fix but will get the job done.

  3. In this one you have found another bug but incorrectly called it out. That "blank" that you are seeing, is not your shape button... it's the name of what you are automating. In this case it is the turning on and off of the button itself. Where you say "I know you can see it up here" that is where you are supposed to see the name of your modulator (in this case you called it ShapeButton). So the bug would be the missing name for that automation which in this case probably should be "on/off".


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Thanks, I have answers to your answers, but I decided to contact tech support as well as suggested below.

  1. I can reproduce it again in a different way. If I start with an eight bar clip from the clip launcher view, then drag it into the arrangement view, then I shorten it to four bars. If I do this in Ableton, no problemo.
  2. If you've got a filter cutoff automation that you want to change drastically on a phrase boundary, you have to painfully adjust it every time in Bitwig. (This doesn't happen in Ableton 9)
  3. If I label a macro, the name properly appears in the lane. (Not just "value")
  — (May 08 '17 at 03:59) bluephoenix

This place is more intended for questions and answer, please be sure to report bugs you experience directly to the support team!



answered May 05 '17 at 13:29 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

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